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What is Duan Duan Zu?

What types of spaces do you rent on Duan Duan Zu?


How do I create a Duan Duan Zu account?

Do I need an account to make a booking?

Can I have the email or phone number of a host?

Can I check a space before I book?

What do I do if a host is unresponsive?

How do I cancel a booking?


What much does it cost to list my space on Duan Duan Zu?

How to become a space manager?

How do I connect with guests after a booking is made?

Is my listing address visible on the Duan Duan Zu website?

When will I be paid?


When am I charged for a booking?

What methods of payment does Duan Duan Zu accept?

How do I request a fapiao from DDZ?